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People that want to buy the services or products of Ancom-Agro SRL presented on this site, are kindly asked to contact one of the units of Ancom-Agro SRL in order to get informed about the availability of the concerned service or product, about the contractual conditions, and related prices and fees. Ancom-Agro SRL reserves the right that the access to the products and services described on this site to may be the object of some restrictions for specific regions or people.

In case of offering through the website of any personal information, the person is expressing his/her express agreement for the processing of the personal data and information by Ancom-Agro SRL for conducting some market analyses or promotional campaigns, staff recruitment operations realized by Ancom-Agro SRL, solving by the company of requests, questions or complaints received, according to the provisions of the Law nr. 133 from 08.07.2011 regarding the protection of personal data. Ancom-Agro SRL will keep the confidentiality of this information, except the information requested by the competent legal authorities. For keeping the confidentiality of personal data and security of the performed online activity, we recommend you not to communicate detailed information concerning personal identity, accounts or other products and services, except in justified situations and with verification of authenticity of accessed pages. 

According to the provisions of Law nr. 133 from 08.07.2011 regarding the protection of personal data and of the Law nr. 105 from 13.03.2003 regarding the consumers protection, You have the following rights: the right to get informed, the access right, the right to object, the right to contest. To exercise these rights, please contact us through the section “Contacts”.

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